Hello! My name is Alma Villa

I am a fashion designer with a masters’ degree in visual arts of fashion design. I have both solid knowledge and experience in clothing industry.

5 years ago, I left my homeland MEXICO and emigrated to “LA BELLA ITALIA”. This transformed my life emotionally and spiritually, turning my vision of fashion for 360 degrees through visual arts.

I am passionate about sustainable fashion and expressing migration themes through textile art. In my free time I am a loom artisan, making tapestries and fabrics which I often use later in developing of my capsule collections.

My influences change according my environment, but my all time favourite design icons are Yinka Shonibare, Sheila Hicks, Chanel, Carla Fernandez, the Bauhaus, the traditions and customs of folklore, both Italian and Mexican.

I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge developing whole collections – from the inspiration to the realization. I have extensive experience in technical sheets and technical designs. I develop creative solutions from mood boards to the search of materials. I make patterns, graduations and the manufacture of patterns, following production lines as well.

I like challenges! Let’s work together, contact me at almavillahernandez@gmail.com