Ro’müi means “soul” in Otomí, one of the indigenous Mexican language. Today represents a tapestry that deciphers my imagination, my essence, my history and MY vision. The project concentrates my experience living in Italy and the knowledge acquired during my lived in my origin country Mexico.

The combination of both cultures – duality -.

It was born with the intention of safeguarding the Mexican prehispanic artisan tradition and simultaneously the experimentation of manufacturing techniques. The prototype is made with some samples of traditional fabrics and the manufacture is based on the inspiration of some western weavers who have shown interest in the techniques and tradition of Latin America, such as Sheila Hicks and Anni Albers.

The purpose of this work is to create a reflection of artisanal life and its connection with contemporary art; emphasizing the cultural roots that merge, to create a unique reality of transformation and evolution of shapes, colors, designs and materials.